Matt & Kim - Daylight

Kyle Ellison 28/10/2009

Rating: 4/5

Daylight is yet another three minutes of synth pop perfection from Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim, re-packaged for a UK release with a remix featuring legendary hip hop trio De La Soul. The song itself is typical of the pair; featuring a sing-a-long chorus, plink plonk piano and a steady drum beat that drives the song home. Matt & Kim always seem effortless in their delivery, yet both of their records are filled full of these instant pop tunes that bounce around in your brain for days.

The remix, however, which features in upcoming EA Sports game NBA Live 2010, is slightly stranger. Although the piano is removed in favour of more emphatic synth sounds, the combination of original De La Soul verses and Matt & Kim's chorus hook is still feels unusual. It's an interesting listen and a testament to how far Matt & Kim have come in just a few years.