The Pigeon Detectives - I Found Out

Matt Clutton 23/10/2007

Rating: 4/5

Those fans that have followed The Pigeon Detectives since the beginning will recognise that 'I Found Out' is a re-release, having originally parachuted it's way into the charts with minimal success almost a year ago to the day. With a debut album having reached number three in the charts and a hand full of top twenty charting singles already it doesn't take a genius, ………or a detective for that fact, to figure that this single is heading for sunnier climbs this time around.

One of the more highly charged cuts from the album 'Wait For Me', it's rapid fire opening spell of drumming from Jimmi Naylor and similarly pitched punchy guitaring from duo Oliver Main and Ryan Wilson tee up the tracks simple 60's inspired melody, stripped back to it's simplest form, for a two minute rumpus filled beery knees up.

Released 12/11/2007