Frank Turner - Try This At Home

Dominic Valvona 03/09/2010

Rating: 3/5

As if the musical landscape wasn't already creaking under the sheer volume of zillions of wannabe bands and artists, Frank Turner's latest soapbox rant sets out to encourage even more hopefuls to pick up a guitar and join the ranks with their 'apparent' wisdom and untapped craft.

A call-to-arms for the D.I.Y ascetic set, 'Try This At Home' lashes out with a number of jabs and undercuts at the music business, vehemently knocking anyone who happens to sport a pair of “stupid skinny jeans” or spitting a snide swipe at some “skinny half-arsed English country singer.”

To be brutally honest, my review and opinion will be disregarded, as Turner's diatribe implores us to ignore the critics and their fads, going on further to also strip the rock star of their all persona and myth -“Because there's no such thing as rock stars, there's just people who play music.” He goes onto loudly proclaim “So tear down the stars now and take up your guitar, and come on folks and try this at home,” a manifesto, albeit a misfired one.

This earnest approach of his to song writing, with its driving caustic jangling delivery, Levellers presumptuous folk and Pogues-esque fervour, is somewhat naïve.
With an industry that offers scant financial or critical reward, most bands lasting a brief moment, sinking beneath the tidal wave of both bedroom enthusiasts and signed acts, anyone is free to make music these days, the only problem is are they making anything worth listening to.

Turner it seems doesn't believe in personality and flair, seeking a more straightforward direct style, that he assumes cuts through the bullshit.

'Try This At Home' is a raucous and fiery enough record, imbued with a sneering satisfied punk attitude. Turner on both this new single and the semi-successful album Poetry Of The Dead throws in a more rock like approach - maybe as a result of a recent tour with Green Day - though it sounds almost commercial in tone.

Release Date: Out Now