30 Seconds to Mars - Attack (Single)

Emily Tartanella 12/02/2007

Rating: 3/5

Since Juliette and the Licks continues to be little more than a shallow pantomime of talent, Jared Leto's 30 Seconds to Mars remains one of the only actor-turned-rockstar bands to have even a shred of credibility. Blessed with a peroxide cool that Draco Malfoy would dream of, Jared Leto leads his band with a mixture of sincerity and swagger.

Latest single “Attack” induces a certain wincing feeling that's a strange mix between pleasant and painful. It's unbelievably overwrought, overdramatic, and oversincere that it's indeed an attack on our senses. Seemingly perfect for soundtracking a summer action-hero blockbuster, this single's release in the middle of winter may be perplexing, but its formula isn't. All walls of sound and big guitars, “Attack” feeds the inner pop-glutton in you, the kind that sings along to Nickelback when no one is watching. Leto sounds so incredibly sincere that it's impossible to sway along at least a little, and that certainly stands for something. Besides, it's still better than when Bruce Willis tried living out his rockstar fantasies.

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