Jacob Golden - Out Come the Wolves/Zero Integrity

Will Metcalfe 24/03/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Did someone mention the OC? Thankfully the Californian funk fest is over but it seems Mr. Golden wouldn't sound out of place soundtracking a scene of much soul searching, possibly at night. The tense, fractured delivery of 'Out Come the Wolves' makes Jacob seem like a man with a message, a man with convictions; sadly judging by the song it would seem that he's just a confused chap.

Elsewhere the confessional 'Zero Integrity' is the type of song that made Conor Oberst top of so many young girls hit list, sweet, charming and melancholy. Golden's pleas of 'if you forgive me I'll forgive you' are convincing, this is where the man's convictions come into play. And even though they come into play on what clearly could have been on any given Bright Eyes record you can, and should forgive him because no matter if he's ripping off the Beatles, if he can make the songs seem as heart meltingly brilliant as 'Zero Integrity' he has every right to do so.