The Triffids - Calenture/In The Pines

Jenna Leonard 01/03/2007

Rating: 4/5

2006 saw Domino re-release The Triffid's critically acclaimed, but ultimately unsuccessful, album Born Sandy Devotional. In 2007 they follow with re-releases of The Triffid's third and fourth albums Calenture and In The Pines.

Like Born Sandy Devotional, Calenture is similar to how we imagine the landscape of Australia: nothing for miles, sparse, empty and lonely. It's perhaps a little more accessible than their debut with a much poppier overall sound, in fact so much so that opener Bury Me Deep In Love was used in a wedding sequence in Neighbours. In many ways this perfectly displays how Calenture can be misunderstood. Lyrically obsessed with the pain and loneliness of unrequited love, it shouldn't be something that lends itself to be a cheesy soundtrack to soap based nuptials, but due to being fairly light power pop it's far too positive to really give the lyrics the right context.

In complete contrast to Calenture, In The Pines is a raw, organic record which lacks the glossy edge that holds Calenture back. Recorded on an eight track in a shearing shed over four days, this would never be used as the soundtrack to Madge and Harold's wedding, more the soundtrack of slow, bitter death from heartbreak. In The Pines significantly benefits from it's simplicity: the vocals have all the more power, each strum of the guitar and every beat of the drum is there resulting in an album that could easily be called a classic.

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