Mirror Mirror

Bill Cummings 28/07/2008

Brooklin-ites Mirror Mirror(the project from Telepathe's Ryan Lucero) recently released a new seven inch , 'New Horizons'/ 'Lock Up Your Sons' on Half Machine records, causing a stir with live shows consisting of fistfights, performance art, guests and their brand of arty psychadelic swirls, electro interludes and folky prog that see's them try to 'induce states of cosmic ecstasy' in audiences. We caught up with the act for a chat.

Hi there, how are you?

We're dreamy and happy and really excited…we just released a 7" in the UK on Half Machine Records, and now we're preparing for the release of our debut album: The Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness on September 16th.

What's your name and what do you do?

The name of the band is Mirror Mirror. We play music and try to induce states of cosmic ecstasy. It's hard work, but we're getting better at it. Anyway, the group is polymorphous, lots of different members. But we're the chief songwriters and spokespeople: David Riley (vocals, keyboards) and Ryan Lucero (guitar, bass).

When did you meet as an act?

I think we met in 2003. We started playing together, just the two of us and a drum machine. It was also the beginning of a tumultuous love affair. Our first few shows were a little rocky, lots of fistfights and namecalling. We've since learned to settle down and focus on the music, and have recruited a wonderfull drummer (Matt Bagdanoff) and a cast of guest performers.

Who would you pinpoint as your main musical influences?

We've always admired the iconoclasts, the weirdoes, the musicians that aren't easily classifiable and seem to operate in a world of their own. Kate Bush, Scott Walker, Leonard Cohen, Diamanda Galas… if you want something more recent (and British), we've been listening to the new Burial and Portishead albums, as well as lots of 90s dance music.

Can you describe your sound in five words?

Dramatic. Ecstatic. Melodic. Mercurial. Sensual.

What can you tell me about your label? How did you end up working with Half Machine?

Richard at Half Machine contacted us out of the blue about releasing a 7”. We were really into the idea, there's something so intimate about records. It's like a little precious object you can keep in your bedroom… anyway, Richard's been wonderful, we'll be seeing him again when play some shows in London at the end of September.

What can fans expect from your live show? Who is supporting you?

We've done many different kinds of things at our performances… some were like rituals, where we led everyone in song, served refreshments, or selected random people from the audience for a massage. We'll have to pare it down a bit for our UK shows. There will only be 3 or 4 of us. But I can promise energy, costumes, and video accompaniment where available.

Can you tell us about your new record?

Sure. It's called The Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness. It's a collection of songs told from the point of view of a mystical society, as well as its followers, runaways, hustlers etc. It's a bit schizophrenic. New Horizons, the single on the 7”, is a folky introductory sing-along. There are also some dark psych-rock songs, druggy ballads and electronic interludes. Something for everyone.

Do you like touring? What do you like to listen to on your tourbus? What do you like to do on your days off?

We love touring, seeing new places and meeting new people. We don't love the constant state of exhaustion and crap food. And we don't have a tourbus. They seem kind of wasteful and expensive, but it must be nice to have someone drive you around. We try to listen to new music when we're on tour, especially of bands we've met or played with. On days off, we sleep, take our vitamins, stretch, make dinner with friends, and try to take in as much of the local scene as we can. And look for more recruits…

What do you think about the new music download revolution? How is it changing the business?

We think it's wonderful in many ways. It's never been easier to discover great new music (or great old music!). There are some drawbacks. It's difficult for a band to make any money without touring extensively. And more to the point, mp3s usually sound like crap! But there's still a market for records, and the sound quality of mp3s or other formats can only improve. It's important to adapt…bands need to find new and interesting ways to promote themselves. We've also been exploring alternative ways of performing—at different venues, like art galleries, or streaming shows online, or creating podcasts. I can foresee a day when TV/Internet has advanced to the point where you can watch a band from you're living room and it will seem as immediate as the live experience.

Since my site is called God Is In The TV what's your favourite TV show?

We don't watch much TV. The Wire when it was on. Antiques Roadshow. Mostly we hang out on YouTube watching Carlos Castaneda videos. Or Mighty Boosh re-runs.

What are your Future plans?

We're focused right now on preparing for our tour. We'll be playing in London and Paris at the end of September. Beyond that, we're already recording new material… and we have many other secret plans for the future, which we will reveal as we see fit…

Thanks for your time

Thank you!!!

The 'New Horizons'/ 'Lock Up Your Sons' 7' single is out now on Half Machine records. The album 'The Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness' follows on September the 16th.