Captain Pheonix - Pistols & Hearts

Matt Churchill 20/09/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

An enviously young quartet from Hampshire, Captain Phoenix have indie royalty within. Lead singer and bassist Ben Burrows is brother of Razorlight's sticksman Andy Burrows and the bands do not sound too dissimilar.

There is a positive energy that the foursome exude which is instantly likeable. 'Pistols & Hearts' begins with a crunched guitar that repeats until the vocals kick in over a dominant drum pattern. When the band are playing together, the vibe is very much that of a young Razorlight. The comparison is perhaps a little obvious but necessary. the way that both bands use dynamic shifts are almost identical and the chorus melody and lyric combo is overtly Borrell-esque.

However where Captain Phoenix do differ is the honesty in their music; the single sounds like four guys in a room enjoying the music that they are creating, and that can only bode for even better things to come.