The Pink Spiders - Little Razorblade

Bruce Turnbull 06/05/2007

Rating: 3/5

The title, and band name, of this release offer an interesting contrast; The Pink Spiders? Surely they can't be serious? Well, apparently they are not, most of the time. But this mid-paced stomper in the form of “Little Razorblade” is quite a charming waltz through geek-rock terrain, which frankly doesn't irritate. Who'd of thought it? Dressed in a slick production and fronted by some equally glossy vocals, the lead single from album “Teenage Graffiti” is a nice addition to the genre, which builds in structure towards the exciting culmination. Some interesting 70s punk wriggles its way through the goofy rock perforations, providing insight into the versatility of this musical vessel. The use of 80s synths certainly lifts the barrier of mediocrity that restricts so many artists in this field, and the instantly familiar Weezer feel to the arrangements of backing vocals is the cherry on an already over-iced cake.

There may be exciting things to come in this young trio's future, if they have enough luck and continue to progress in the way they already have. We certainly need more artists nodding to the genius of the past, and this, along with The Random's “Tonight”, is a perfect example of the good way to do so. Not the Kaiser Chiefs way. Anymore of that and I think little razorblade will be an inadequate conjecture.

Release Date: 25/04/07