Kill It Kid - Ivy and Oak

TC 27/03/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

The fourth single to be taken from last year's debut album that caused a fair amount of stir amongst the musical media powers that be. Kill It Kid are a five-piece outfit harking from the sleepy city of Bath and were literally created for a venture by producer John Parish. They don't conform and that's what creates the appeal - a bunch of kids playing old mans' blues to be precise. On this outing, there's a generous splattering of sound, giving it a blustering swing that almost cries out for a full-on brass section to pump it up a further notch. Chris Turpin is the voice and if BB King sounded this rounded when he was 21, then there's reason to be over zealous about the lad's future.

The song is backed by an acoustic version of 'Ida Mae' which has a raw earthy vibe, harking back to the roots of the blues, illustrating a band that are less about gimmickry and more about soul. The next few months see them playing live all over the UK and my suspicion is that they'll create a blast on stage; Bath may not be quite so sleepy going forward!

Release Date: 29/03/2010