The Hungry I - Birthday EP

Alex Worsnip 01/08/2006

Rating: 4/5

Soon not to be unsigned (just signed to Chromium Records, albeit not in time for this release), it's richly deserved for The Hungry i as this sounds as professional as anything. This is an incredible blend of DJ-Shadow-esque beats and 65daysofstatic-esque glitchy post-rock. Lead track 'Birthday' floats over jazzy drums and bass and prodding piano chords, moving through section after section, prog-rock style, like Radiohead in an alternative dimension where their electronic experimentation was into fluid trip-hop instead of disjointed IDM. It manages to do something totally new with the post-rock sound (if you can call it that) and conveys genuine emotion in the process. The B-sides are good too: the more abrasive 'Jaws of Life' is heavier on both beats and guitars, but still finds time for a psychedelic pop influence, while 'The Idiot' is closer to pure electronica, but still features a relatively organic drum sounds. This is a genuinely exciting and engaging release that deserves to reach a mass audience soon.

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