All Saints - Chick Fit

Paul Cook 12/02/2007

Rating: 2/5

Chick Fit is the second and last single to be released from All Saint's relative flop of a comeback album, “Studio 1.” Due for release on February 26th, it's a strophic cliché of tinny drums and cheesy electronic fillers. It's more pop than rock with a hint of electro to ruin the honest sound, and it's this that makes me think Girls Aloud think they're being copied. But it's a simple case of hearing bad music twice.

The stand alone difference between All Saints and other current pop groups is the vocals of Shaznay Lewis cutting though the softer harmonies of the Appleton's and Mel Blatt. At times it just doesn't work, sounding uncomfortable and stressed. In other, rarer parts of Chick Fit, they blend, as they did with 90's pop classics like 'Pure Shores' and 'Black Coffee.'

The chorus of Chick Fit is catchy and has a snappy and rhythmic flow that can suffice for the occasional play on radio and music television. However, as a single, and likely, as an album, All Saints do sound just too similar to other artists. It could be argued that band\'s like Girls Aloud and the Sugababes, filled the void that All Saints left behind upon breaking up. Now that their back, they're going to need to create something a lot more original to regain their place in an overcrowded pop scene.

Released on February 26th.