Glitches - EP

Owain Paciuszko 05/09/2009

Rating: 3/5

Fast-paced electro indie from London outfit somehow manages to successfully substitute a slight lack of ideas with energy and pace. Opening track Caligula: The Monster skitters by on a hi-speed hi-hat, swooshing synth lines and falsetto vocals with enough erratic-dance inducing verve so as to belie any fleeting similarities to the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, et al.

Similarly whilst Come On! recalls the likes of a Northern The Killers cover band going a bit dance, it manages to hit its indie-disco notes well, with a good lead vocal acting as ring-leader. It's a little bit innocuous but gets the job done for a carefree, unpretentious boogie around your living room; and I'm sure it'd be equally effective at a gig!

Final track 13th Labour finds the four-piece going pleasingly peculiar, with a bass-line reminiscent of late 70s Bowie, and percussion, organ and vocals doing a Roxy Music. This experimentalism is dissapointingly short-lived within the songs all too compact three minutes, whilst tracks one and two fit their disposable welcome neatly this final song seems a little incomplete but is a good indicator that this is a band capable of much more than cookie cutter electro-limb-flailing. Ones to watch.