Elliot Minor - Solaris

Craig Broad 19/07/2009

Rating: 2.5/5

Elliot Minor have achieved the kind of huge success that many young British bands have been unable to attain in their entire career let alone on their debut (with a top ten album and four top thirty singles, no easy feat for any band). Their latest single, Solaris, is the first from their forthcoming album to be released via Reposession Records.

First impressions are vital with most music and in listening to Solaris it is easy to see why the York based band have been so popular to date. Solaris, like Elliot Minor's previous material is stuck in a middle ground with elements of Mcfly-esque pop mixed with an emo styling, classical undertones and basically, the ability to write a good tune complete with a catchy chorus.

I'm not completely fooled by this though.

Having heard Elliot Minors previous work, it can be safely said that Solaris isn't a huge departure and while it is so easy to hear the talent behind the music, there is a feeling within me that this song won't make a lasting impression on me come the morning. This is the ramblings of a cynical reviewer though and all in all, if you are a girl under sixteen who likes watered down pop punk then you'll love this and equally, if you liked Elliot Minor before, you'll still like them.