Kate Walsh - Your Song

Bruce Turnbull 01/04/2007

Rating: 4/5

This sort of thing is always nice to hear. Warm, fuzzy acoustic post-rock that is as inviting as an extra hour in bed once that alarm strikes 6:30. It hits the spot for me every time and as it just so happens, Kate Walsh performs her chosen style so affluently, you'd think she was a seasoned pro. The 23-year-old Essex beauty may not have much material blazing the airwaves - I believe the majority of her album is floating about online, however - but if justice is actually practiced by the media, she ought to be placed on a pedestal with her guitar to hand. Apart from the melodic swoon of “Tonight”, “Your Song” is the strongest track I've heard from Walsh; subtly poured emotion coating a latticework of dynamic intellect that positively beams sincerity. Truly an outstanding track, with a vibrant use of texture in the chorus, and a lack of which in the building verse - a definite future anthem for those chilled out garden parties in the coming summer.

It's true that her musical beauty is beyond her years; a beauty even Joni Mitchell wouldn't be able to comprehend. Yet I feel that is what will be a beneficial hindrance. Miss Walsh will certainly be noticed by the people who matter, and be equally ignored by those who will sell her out, dispelling all the natural talent she currently harbours. One thing is for sure: when her debut album “Tim's House” finally hits the streets, a percentage of my hard earned coins will fall firmly into her back pocket.

Released: 12/02/07