Peter, Bjorn and John - It Don't Move Me

Adam Boult 14/07/2009

Rating: 2.5/5

Having scored a bona fide smash hit with Young Folks and making a bundle of cash in the process (including a hefty wedge from selling the rights for it be used in a Homebase advert), Peter, Bjorn and John are now apparently trying to shore up some kind of claim to credibility by heading in a more "difficult" direction.

"It could be entirely understood," says their latest press release, "if all the trio wanted to do was to write more glossy, bankable pop songs in the exact mould (of Young Folks) and bask in the commercial glory." However P, B and J have apparently had enough of commercial glory for the moment, and fans of glossy, fun, accessible pop are likely to be rather disappointed by It Don't Move Me, which their label proudly states is "their most inventive, deliciously adventurous and defiantly perverse music yet."

Only it's not. What they've actually produced is a song that sounds very much like Young Folks, except without all that whistling and a far less catchy tune. It's... fine. There are a few interesting synths whoops that wouldn't be out of place on a Kate Bush record, some portentous echoey drums, some vaguely mysterious singing about how sad it is when a relationship ends; defiantly perverse it most certainly is not. However, neither is it glossy pop, instead hitting a drearily uninteresting middle ground. They'd be better off writing a few more hummable Homebase jingles if this is as "deliciously adventurous" as they get.

Release date: 13/07/2009