This Et Al - You've Driven For Miles And Not Remembered A Thing

Tim Miller 19/09/2005

Rating: 4/5

This Et Al are moving forward with growing hype and local support behind them, thrusting them irresistibly into the views of more and more music lovers. This single proves a high quality debut that should be the springboard for wide recognition for a band meddling in prog and coming up trumps in their results.
'You've Driven….' instantly reminds the listener of Muse and QOTSA, the verses being a threatening mix of moody vocals and atmospheric guitar lines, looming large before exploding into a chorus which just exudes power with heavy guitar chords and an unassuming vocal which for some reason, days later, you suddenly remember again. The B-Side, the Morrissey style titled 'All You'll Ever Be is a Dancer' is short, at 1 and a half minutes, but speeds along like an angry Futureheads. An outro of pure noise after some clever harmonies in the chorus makes this B-Side by no means shabby, and overall this single deserves to be heard, and This Et Al deserve to be big.