Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat

Matt Harrold 03/10/2008

Rating: 1.5/5

Reviewing a Kaiser Chiefs track is akin to watching paint dry - you wonder why you're doing it because there's many other things you could be doing with your life that won't leave you screaming "I want that five minutes back" to the universe. It's colouring by numbers with the same three fucking colours, every single day of your fucking life. In short it's so predictable that it the 'Never Miss A Beat' could be used as the international standard to which all other cynical attempts at forumlaic stadium rock could be measured against.

Then there's the fact that they feel like they're making social commentry with such wonderful lyrics as "What did you learn today/I learnt nothingWhat did you do today/I did nothing/What did you learn at scool/I didn't go to school", apparently it's "Cool to know nothing', but then this comes from a band that revels in making vapid, brain numbing anthems. The fact the Kaisers can get into the charts with such piles of steaming shit says more about society then any play school lyrics they could dream up.'s better than Ruby.

Release date: 06/10/08

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat