Kissing Kalina - Sirens

Owain Paciuszko 04/03/2010

Rating: 4/5

There's an apt sound to C.O.W the opening track of this EP, with thundering electro guitars and synths jibbers sounding suitably siren-like before this heavy dose of garage electronica bursts into full flow. Lead singer Lill E Valentine's vocal is suitably dismissive, spitting out statements like 'You know nothing' with authoritative abandon.

With its lolloping chorus of 'I drift and I drift', sleazy bass line and danceable processed drum-beat Ellie Rd has an air of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' current sound. Meanwhile, when Danny Sanchez take over vocal duties on Long Lost things start to have more of an air of Bumblebeez, all languid delivery, beats like a road trip and wandering synth-lines.

Closing track Sirens can't help but recall Transmission by Joy Division with its driving drum beat and bass-line, and it's almost a bit of a shame when Curtis' droll vocal doesn't pipe up. Other than these similarities the rest of the track is drenched in squealing guitars and squelchy synths, which makes for a pleasing finale, though not as memory as its soundalike.

Dissapointing ending aside this four track is an impressive (and free!) release, this London based three-piece make smart, cool tunes with memorable hooks and a good spoonful of dirty fuzz.