Wild Beasts - Assembly

Will Metcalfe 28/11/2007

Rating: 4/5

Wild Beasts are from my neck of the woods and like fellow Cumbrians British Sea Power, there is a slight oddness about them. Skipping gently through what can best be described as a crotch tightening skiffle 'Assembly' is a gem of single released at a time of year that usually attracts the pre-emptive novelty singles and reality rejects, for this it shines.

If you have never heard Wild Beasts before imagine Ed Harcourt's falsetto fronting an Elvis Costello covers band, just a bit quicker.Their brand of erratic pop is both amusing and bewildering, whilst it won't lead you one way only to knock you the other, this is merely because it doesn't give you any clue in terms of direction what so ever.One moment it's a mounting piano assault the next it sounds as if Anthony(minus the Johnsons) has gatecrashed.

B-side 'Sylvia, A Melodrama' is a much gentler affair. Coming on more like good old Ed had he been born with a little more ambition the plodding bassline and swirling vocals will encapsulate you within the track. Whilst hardly being a melodrama it showcases a tamer side of the beasts and suggests that if you stick around you might have found a new best friend.