Viva Voice - From The Devil Himself

Bill Cummings 05/09/2006

Viva Voice release the new single "From The Devil Himself" from their new album "Get Yr Blood Sucked Out" (Full Time Hobby)which was Released on the 21st of August.
Its kind of a beguiling cross between the Pixies and the Monkees whilst the video parodies the "John and Yoko Bed in" take a look for yourself:
Viva Voice- From The Devil Himself

From Robert Johnson to Tenacious D, the Devil has always had a place in music. Viva Voce's new album is no different. While it's doubtful that they sold their souls to craft such gems as this, it would explain a great deal. How else are they able to play guitar solos that sound like they were forged in the depths of hell?