Simon Amstell, Matt Kirshen, Richard Herring, Cary Marx, The Penny Dreadfuls - Edinburgh Fringe 09 Introduction.

Alex Skinner 21/08/2009

Getting Some Edinburgh Fringe... 2009?

Rally up the troops, the seasonal migration to Edinburgh is upon us. That journey to the fertile comedy graceland. It is a comedy Mecca that many comedians make pilgrimage to year after year for just that tantalising sniff of success. Who will succeed? Who will be dazzling audiences this year? What unknowns will breakthrough?

Many questions yet to be answered, overall the possibilities are exciting. It will be a mixed bag this year but, as ever, I will be heading up there for this week faster than Usain Bolt. My strategy this year will be that of chance. Dancing the dance of chance, if you will. Nothing has been pre-booked this year so I will be deciding what to see when I am there. The shortlist will be biblical in proportion so here are just a few shows plucked from it:

The Penny Dreadfuls: Sketch troop with a difference. These lot are actually good.
Celia Pacquola: Heard some buzz about Celia's first Fringe show already. High recommendations left, right and centre.
Simon Amstell: Heartfelt and honest, he is one of the best comedians I have seen. If you have the chance he should be a definite must see.
Matt Kirshen: Brilliantly dark and full of creative writing material that turns a phrase, morphs a saying and is generally naughty through and through.
Justin Moorhouse: New show called 'Seven'. Mark as unmissable.
Dan Antopolski: Horrible poster and show name 'Silent but deadly'. Worth a punt.
Cary Marx: Tried and tested, always fun and great to watch. A pro.
Richard Herring: Promisingly dark show where Hitler features - posing the question, what is acceptable?
Ginger and Black: Being touted as something special. Ones to watch. I love Dan and Errie's laid back approach to everything. Different and exciting.

There are a few names swashing around but otherwise, I will stick to some alternative comedy and see where I end up.

Full reports and reviews coming soon.