The Shadowcops - Case #2094

Russ Essom 29/04/2006

Rating: 4/5

How does rip-roaring guitar, hard, fast drumming, and sensible soloing sound to you?Sound Good? It also sounds like 'The Shadowcops' new 5-track EP, “Case #2094”.

And this EP, sounds good. Hard, roar vocals sit atop a dominating mountain of silky smooth guitar harmonies and solos that could choke Hogan, all of which is surrounded by dirty, rough drumming enough to get anyone's feet tapping.

Track #4, “Permanent” is the highlight of the release, as it combines fast with slow, sensible with downright ridiculous, and punk with punk-as-f*ck.
Anyone in the dark about 'The Shadowcops', should get out there and purchase the beam of light that is, “Case #2094”, and let it shine. It is, quite simply, honest, fast, in-it-for-the-fun, type music, and it needs to be heard.