March of the Penguins

Ryan Owen 12/12/2005

Rating: 4/5

Gut-wrenching pain, strife, sacrifice and loss are juxtaposed with inspiring moments of humour, redemption, love, beauty, and accomplishment..
Narrated by Morgan Freeman (recorded in one day), it follows the annual journey that penguins endure to bring a newborn penguin into the world, as they march single file to their traditional breeding ground.

Documentarian Luc Jacquet takes us on an incomparably intimate journey through the entire breeding cycle in Antarctica devoted to the survival of its family, with no vacation from the harsh climate and relentless demands of nature.
The documentary, filmed on location in Antarctica, shows the birds' struggle to eat, live, and reproduce. French director Luc Jacquet succeeds in making the story dramatic, compelling, and comprehensible to all.
This film's strength lies in the narration from Morgan Freeman that serves to anthropomorphize the penguins', allowing us to focus on the strategies of survival, not sentiment.

This film is visually stunning, tightly plotted, and emotionally moving. If you have any interest in nature, penguins, or just want to see a touching story of the amazing journey that penguins make simply to perpetuate their breed, definitely check this film out. It's a masterpiece of sorts.