The Guys - Live The Party

Gordon Anderson 02/09/2006

Rating: 1/5

Christ, what do we have here? Might it be three fuckers making a record so inept, backward and breathtakingly pointless it makes Jet look like a spaceship-piloting Kraftwerk on acid? Why yes! Dressed on the cover in shades, neckscarves and trying-hard stubble, it's fair to say The Guys - as someone once memorably described hideous synth-whores The Bravery - are “in rock n roll so girls in miniscule shirts will give them blowjobs”. Well, in the hugely unlikely instance this should ever happen, let's hope they don't decide to get busy to the sound of their own record, what with teeth-grinding and just plain leaving the room being merely two of its unhappy side effects.

But of course, the music, how could we forget? Quite easily when you're so desperate to block it out you're beating yourself with a five-iron and humming that new Razorlight song. So let's just say they can't play their instruments or write songs without the line “Hey girl,” in them and leave it at that. Frankly, it's their parents we feel sorry for.