Lorn - Cherry Moon

Kyle Ellison 05/07/2010

Rating: 4/5

While Flying Lotus has been one of 2010's most talked about musicians, his influence on electronic music doesn't stop at his own productions. Through his record label, Brainfeeder, FlyLo has brought together some of LA's most exciting producers, and now its first from out of town - Lorn from “the middle of nowhere Illinois.”

This double A-side single of 'Cherry Moon' / 'Tomorrow' has everything you'd expect from Brainfeeder. While its focus is undoubtedly on low-end sounds, both tracks are steeped in melancholy and explore a range of dark as night sounds. Cherry Moon's use of strings gives an almost cinematic quality to a mysterious and contemplative synth arrangement. While its stuttering bass and drum beat get the track off to a jittery start, it has a great sense of melody which builds from subtle piano sounds to a full spectrum of varied sounds. Tomorrow, meanwhile, is the more brooding of the two, using heavy atmospheric vibes and a methodical echoed beat. You can hear the influence of some of London's dubstep producers, the likes of Scuba, Untold and Burial, yet the record also seems closely linked to fellow Brainfeeder affiliate Nosaj Thing, and his record Drift from 2009.

It's significant that Lorn is the first Brainfeeder signed artist to come from outside Los Angeles, as the label spreads its wings just as the genre is expanding outside of its core cities. It sure is a fascinating time for electronic music right now, and this release from Lorn marks out yet another young producer to get excited about.

Release Date: Out Now

Lorn - Cherry Moon by BRAINFEEDER