The Bang Bang Club - Chemistry

TC 28/06/2010

Rating: 0/5

London duo that have emerged from the band Protocol, who folded four years ago after limited success, having supported Hard-Fi and A-Ha. They had little uptake on their recorded material and, on the evidence of this debut single, it's easy to see why!

It's sickly electropop straight out of the eighties minor league, more reminiscent of Boney M than Soft Cell. A bouncy little chorus line that never really goes away long enough for a verse or two to come through, which might well appeal to an audience not old enough to buy their own CDs. Checking out their My Space, they have no other material to broadcast, which is probably a Godsend. Apparently, this is “the record they'd always wanted to make”, so, with such a total lack of ambition, maybe we can look forward to them playing a part in the long overdue downfall of this kind of recycled waste.