Travis - Selfish Jean

Matt Clutton 08/07/2007

Rating: 3/5

Radiohead talent Nigel Goodrich played the part of executive producer on what is now a fifth album for indie/ rock veterans Travis. Their latest single 'Selfish Jean', by no means a classic on a par with tracks like 'Writing To Reach You' or 'Driftwood', bucks the usual Travis trend of sombre, highly emotive works of genius, with a melancholy, upbeat, toe tapping quality. Initially sounding more like a track that might have been included in cult classic 'Quadrophenia' or a Billie Joel compilation album rather than their own, with the single soon settling into the metronomic, four beat bar bus ride we have all come accustomed to with the band.

With Healy buoyed by the birth of his son 'Clay', ....a wise, wise choice of name, could the mood of Travis tracks be set to make a swift about turn to more upbeat climbs?