McFly, Avenue, Reemer

Emma Jackson 25/11/2008

Having burst onto the music scene a good few years ago, McFly are now firm favourites of the pop world. They have certainly grown up over the years, progressing their music to a somewhat rockier feel.

One of the larger venues of Glasgow can sometimes drown bands out but McFly came out ready for a battle. Opening the show with One for the Radio Edit instantly had the thousands of teenage fans jumping up and down with their hands in the air.

The large stage was decorated with large bits of material, a large Transmitter and endless amounts of lights. Dougie (bassist) displayed his singing skills during the set list; this itself was different, as we never get to hear this blonde haired heartthrob sing. I was actually surprised that his voice wasn't bad at all.

Danny (vocalist) had a bit of an embarrassing moment, during the intro of obviously snapping a guitar string, but he simply took it on the chin. When he returned, the crowd overpowered them, singing all the words at the top of their voices.

A large stage was lowered from the ceiling, sending every member of the crowd into a stir. The band strapped themselves down, and levitated across the crowd, a Perspex floor and all. They flew right over the main crowd and landed at the back. Impressive indeed. Once back on the ground, Mcfly burst into their Children In Need song Doya, during which they took a live recording of the crowd, which attendees can purchase with all proceedings going to the cause. Smart move.

As the crowd tapped away on their phones to get the video, a small film was played on the large screens at the side of the stage. An adapted version of Michael Jackson's music video, Black and White came on and Dougie stole the show once more, playing Macaulay Culkin in the video. The stage was ablaze and the rest of the band appeared getting straight into the groove of the cult classic song. This was a fantastic cover version.

It was the golden oldies that stole the night, the songs that is. With Five Colours in her Hair ending a fantastic night. Every person, how ever old or young, who attended was grinning from ear to ear. A light hearted, well-produced show from the lads. Excellent.