General Fiasco - We Are The Foolish

Richard Wink 19/10/2009

Rating: 4/5

Personally speaking, this song is not particularly to my taste; however I reckon it will do pretty well. General Fiasco are a trio from Belfast that play an energetic brand of melodic pop rock, the Northern Irish twang of lead vocalist Owen (surname withheld) sets the band nicely aside from a whole host of musically similar bands.

The track itself is nice and sprite, perfect for Radio and pretty hard to fault. A catchy chorus underpins the youthful optimism that shines through, the command to “Wake Up, Wake Up / There's things you need to know” is sure to apply to the directionless teenage wasteland of the UK.

General Fiasco reminds me a lot of Ash, another Northern Irish band that came seemingly from nowhere with a giddy, infectious brand of carefree pop. It will be interesting to see if they can release a similar debut to 1977 and provide a soundtrack for their own generation.

Release date: 12/10/2009