Chancery Blame and The Gadjo Club - Tokyo Oh Oh

Dominic Valvona 06/10/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

Immersed in Vaudeville charm and East European traditional folk, Chancery Blame and his troupe of impromptu gypsies find themselves breaking out of the Balkan music scene.
Their latest single, 'Tokyo Oh Oh', is a sleeker affair, that's closer in sound to fellow Londoners Honeytrap then the anarchic tones of Gogol Bordello.

This sad tale of living on the breadline in a hostile and deprived unforgiving city, is given a pseudo radio-hall fashion accompaniment, resplendent with soaring clarinet and polka style bravado - think a less pop-conscious version of Paloma Faith.

It seems apparent that they've moved away form their normally fierce hi-octane feverish live performances to produce a polished and more whimsical sound, though there is still some gritted angst being restrained within that wry showmanship.

Also included is the dreamier and sweepingly emotive rendition of The Pixies 'Where Is My Mind?'; Chancery sings like a youthful barbed Nick Cave over the blissfully cinematic and twinkle dotted Bad Seeds-esque backing, a fine rendition indeed as covers go.

A debut album is due to drop on December 1st; I only hope they pluck for the more interesting developing sound of the latter track, that shows, in my opinion, more potential.

Release Date - 01/10/2010