Striker - Demo

Thomas 27/02/2006

Rating: 2/5

There's no getting away from it, London indie-rockers Striker have a major impediment and it's their singer. I mean hell, Long Blondes lady isn't exactly Maria
Callas but at least she knows how to use what she's got with a bit of sass and class. The three tracks here however, whilst of varying quality are all horribly hamstrung by Quita's grating, one-dimensional vocals.

Opener of three 'Dum-Dum' is simply forgettable, while 'Helicopter's poppy chords, loose, fun feel and pretty breakdown are scuppered by a clumsy chorus. Luckily they do have one card left to play and 'Paws' brings some direction to the record. Hints of Kaito and the Pixies, phased guitar, a howl of a chorus and some
stomping drums making for an atmospheric song that pleasingly, gets better with repeated listens.

Overall, unlikely to set anyone's world on fire, but there's enough spark here to make good things possible in future with some work on the vox.