Rubicks - Giddy Up

Tiffany Daniels 26/04/2010

Rating: 4.5/5

There's a whiff coming from the catwalk: a strong and pouting drill of noise. Over the past few years big names in the fashion industry have maximised on the potential glamour of music: in 2007 Edward Larrikin and Patrick Wolf posed for Burberry, a host of rock stars have paraded in Dior, copious pop stars have become as iconic for their drawers as they have their chords, and more so than ever before, fashion has begun to appreciate the power of sound.

Some collaborations have been dud, failed attempts to seem "on trend", or else clutch at every available aspect of fame. The latest match, however, is an utter success; Valentino's Spring 2010 collection set to Rubicks' future single 'Giddy Up' is flawless. Not only does the track make me want to delve deep into my pockets to purchase something so financially out of range it makes HSBC grimace, it also rockets the quaking London foursome into the sights of hungry fans.

…Because 'Giddy Up' is extraordinary. The song brandishes its influences like a stiletto heel, but at the same time it flings all stereotypes aside. The structure may be there, but this is not your bog standard, female fronted electro band spilling Smirnoff in the wardrobe department; this is the sound of high fashion, high taste and high energy. Frontwoman Vanessa Anne Redd breathlessly pants the song's lyrics over a reverberating and addictive riff worthy of The Stooges. There is a focus on instrumentation rather than lyric, as much as there is for Metronomy, but the hype of the synths and percussion proves this phenomenal song's point to be obvious: unabridged sexual tension that borders on delirious defeat.

Currently YouTube is the only place you can hear the single, paring it with a 1:56 advert for Valentino. Length issues aside, this isn't detrimental; there is something dangerously enjoyable about watching Dree Hemingway and Cole Mohr squirm around in an attic, and it embodies the fiery restraint of the song as much as it promotes its target.

Release Date: 10/05/2010