Simon Amstell - Do Nothing DVD

Joe Coyle 03/12/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

Do Nothing is Simon Amstell's debut DVD, filmed at Vicar Street in Dublin in May this year further distances himself from his former T.V presenter background with reflections of celebrity culture through love and loss.

Amstell concentrates Do Nothing on trying to find meaning and justification for his life. Obsessive self analysis whilst Woody Allen light at times reveals an engagingly sensitive stand up who mines his neurosis for the audience pleasure.

His quick wit is evident with some delightful asides and Simon is well aware that emotional investment with the audience equals more laughs.

An astute observer of motivations and emotions Amstell is extremely self aware and his profound observations of how we project ourselves are satisfying.

Amstell subjects are varied although his religion (Judaism) and his sexuality (openly gay) are rich pickings for his insightful comedy.

Stories of lost love and obsession are frequently cringe-worthy and hilarious with introspection and angst being the order of the day. Simon's self analysis frequently melts into over analysis, leading to some comedy nuggets of indulgence.

Amstell interweaves textured and human stories often featuring such subjects such as mooning his grandmother, his apparent hypochondria and Simon's obsession with the young Jared Leto

Simon Amstell is very eloquent and funny. The routine occasionally runs out of steam but is quick to start again. A solid and thought provokingly funny debut.