Nosferatu D2 - Demo 2

Thomas 29/04/2006

Rating: 4/5

Regular GIITTV readers may remember that we recently pored over this band's second demo and found it to be something of a gem. Well, they've been beavering away in the studio/garage/attic and this fine new record is the result.

Opener 'Broken Tamagotchi' is the weakest of the three tracks, clattering noisily away but failing to make much of an impact compared to what follows. The more subtle 'Flying Things and Pests' (referencing the survey that found people fear public speaking more than death) balances humour and pathos with trademark agility, while in 'Mojo Top 100', guitar and drums scramble after each other as disconcerting tales of social dysfunction and bad dreams unfold, shot through with an ever-present longing to simply be somewhere else, with someone else.

It's about being dazed by the strip lighting in Tesco, being stuck at home in front of a shit video, and wanting to kill the people you love, if you ever really loved them at all. And it feels like falling down a flight of stairs. Needless to say, it's more excellent stuff from this refreshingly unique band.