Mystery Jets - Alas Agnes

Russ Essom 05/12/2005

Rating: 5/5

The 70's/80's link meets Rock 'n' Roll ; they walk up the street a little and buy some guitars before they stumble across a poet walking with his lover to his mother's house. They sit down and write music. Alas, 'The Mystery Jets' are spawned! They are a heroic mix of three-part vocal harmonies, pinpoint drumming, and guitar and bass working together like a team of drunks crossing a road together, and that's just the intros.

Seriously, this band has all the credentials to make the whole shut up for 11minutes and 14seconds while they listen to the CD I am proud to have in my possession:

“Mystery Jets - Alas Agnes”

Every second of that eleven and quarter minutes sounds if it was crafted by a team of millions of scientific prodigies with a bit of experience under their belts - only the science is not biology, physics or chemistry - it's the science of music… musicology, or something.

Pardon my ignorance, but I appear to have digressed quite immensely from telling you anything about the music, other than its brilliance. It's a blend of pure, raw, rock with bluesy-indie and it's heavenly. These boys have clearly worked hard to deliver, and sweet Jesus, have they ever.