This Et Al - The Figure Eight EP

Chris Lowe 16/05/2008

Rating: 4/5

So after you hopefully read my exclusive interview with the 'This Et Al' boys on here not so long ago you might of been tempted to buy this record. But, if not, then lets find out exactly why you probably should. The long awaited return of 'This Et Al' has been well over a year now and I guess fans alike have all hoped for brand new material. Well low and behold thats what we have been graced with. The 4-track EP offers a variety of metal riff rock (Figure Eight) to post rock ambience (Tale of Frosty Jackson) and you can see that they are gaining abilities in song writing without becoming to mature and grainy. The lead track 'Figure Eight' is a pompous 2-minute rock wonder, which could have been meant for bedroom 'emo' angst but somehow has the delivery of something a little more grown up than that. The track has enough balls to bring down a towering skyscraper or do more damage than any plague could do (see the artwork). A video accompanies the title track where a plague doctor roams around some woods on horseback, buries a book, and is then bashed in the skull by another plague doctor…………….I cant find the link between the two but it really doesn't matter as each are scarily good. The whole release has been well though out with artwork, videos and web teasers all over the shop. This collection of songs which make the release are definitive and certainly worthy of anyone's time who has an interest in post-rock with an added kick of adrenalin. A unique band that deserves much more of your attention.