Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango

Bill Cummings 22/02/2007

Bonde Do Role release their first single 'Solta O Frango' on Monday the 19th of March. Recently signed to Domino, Bonde Do Role hail from Curitiba, in Southern Brazil. The band - Marina, Pedro and Gorky, create funk carioca in a rockin' way, according to sources in South America "their hip new party sound is the sound of now, taking the Bailefunk rhythms of their homeland and mashing them up, rapping in their native tongues. The band were discovered by their mentor and our favourite DJ, Diplo, who they'll be touring with in America in the Spring."

Watch their new video here:
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'Solta O Frango', which literally translates as 'Release The Chickens' but in Bonde Do Role world is a call to arms to go and party, is the band's first release on Domino. Their as-yet-unnamed album follows in June. In the meantime, check out Bonde Do Role's live show when they support Junior Boys at Dingwall's in London on Tuesday the 20th of February and The Gossip at The Astoria on Saturday the 24th of February. More dates to follow soon.

“Bonde Do Role is like diggin through the garbage in brazil and using the pieces and making a club mess turned up the volume plus 10.” - Diplo

“Solta O Frango is mostly a 'theme song' about ourselves... like, saying that we are beatiful, smart and fucking better than the rest... hehehehe” - Bonde Do Role

'Solta O Frango' will be available on 7” (RUG249) and via download.