Shy Child - Drop The Phone

Charlie Southwell 02/02/2007

Rating: 5/5

New York electro heroes Shy Child, are limbering for their new single release in the UK in great style. The single "Drop The Phone" is about topical and common problem, namely dropping your phone. The problems with signal on your cell phones, yes, they are American. But they mash acid bass lines with cowbell, and sounds to me, very like another (now dead) NY band I heard a while ago called Supersytem, it must be a common thing out there to have this electro rock cross over while keeping very distinct and enjoyable synth melodies.

I am very excited about this song, its all about checking your voicemail, ah, message wiped. It's modern day observational song writing at its most fun The lyrics are purely about phones, stupid, fun and don't even bring emotion into it. This band are PURE escapism. “All the people, In a circle” should love this, I love this. No pretensions here what so ever. They are here to have fun, and probably dropped their phone a few too many times to get the wonderful samples. Dialling tones, and other beautiful phone related samples feature.

This is the kind of song that if it were picked up for an advert would suddenly be admired by everyone on the web on, everyone vying to know who it is. Yet without that exposure, the synthy bass lines, bleepy bleeps, and live drums with an astonishing amount of cowbell featuring in this song, could just go to waste.

The B-side isn't quite so much fun, but at about a billion bpm and happy major key melodies “Down On Yourself” is a good back up to the main feature of the cd.

To be honest though that doesn't matter because “Drop the Phone” has use of the best instrument EVER created. BRING ON THAT COWBELL!!!