The Foxes - Trauma Town

Rhian Daly 07/11/2008

Rating: 1/5

The Foxes are exactly the sort of band who should be banished from Earth and sent off to other planets in an attempt to find extra-terrestrial life forms. "Trauma Town" is an irritating off-beat few minutes worth of whiny vocals and grating social observations (“I don't want to use public transport 'cos it's full of twats”) that add little or no value to the song whatsoever. The pretentious use of French and “paradigm” don't do the boys any favours either, just serving to make them seem even more ridiculous than they already did. In short, it's like Fall Out Boy diluted with Arctic Monkeys, minus the wit and way with words.

Hey Baby! Is more of the same, unfortunately. The intro is promising but then the vocals come in and there's no hope left. The sooner NASA gets hold of this record the better.