Steven Wilson - Insurgentes

Craig Broad 15/03/2009

Rating: 4.5/5

Anyone who has an interest in the band Porcupine Tree will already be aware of self taught musician Steven Wilson and his already long back catalogue, made up not only of Porcupine Tree albums but countless other collaborations showcasing his song writing talents. 'Insurgentes' is the latest in his career but does Steven Wilson's first album as an official solo musician marks another brave step away from the security of a band?

While 'Insurgentes' may only contain ten tracks, its first surprise is the reading of ninety nine tracks via your player, each song being cleverly cut into several tracks and movements which flawlessly flow throughout, a great original idea and this added to some great CD packaging and sleeve artwork adds something special that any fans have probably come to expect from anything that Steven Wilson touches.

Within 'Insurgentes', Steven Wilson sounds like a man at the top of his game, completely comfortable with his abilities and still full to the brim of creative ideas and the talent to make these ideas float from one to the next without any form of collision. Each track contains a form of grace and subtlety that hasn't been heard by this reviewer in a long time, an adventure between both light and darkness that could work not only as an album but also as an accompaniment to any movie. The only flaw to such a project is that no-one will ever be able to stop comparing this album to the paths already tread within Porcupine Tree.

This album may not contain a single and certainly won't bring Steven Wilson anymore success than he has already garnered with Porcupine Tree but if anything, it will serve as an example for musicians as to how to perfectly compliment every instrument and create moving gothic soundscapes. Given the music we are force-fed by the charts and radio today, it's high time we looked to albums like 'Insurgentes' to teach us how brilliant and creative music can be.

Release date: 09/03/09