Edinburgh Fringe Blog: Part Three

Alex Skinner 06/08/2008

Day 3

The elements got the better of everything and everyone today. It was a complete wash-out but did not disrupt my hunger to see good shows.

Ivan Brackenbury's Hospital radio show

Crowd pleaser: An act that pleases crowds; the performance from a formidable comedy master mind. Tom Binns built on his successful show of last year - the formula was a winner. If it ain't brokeā€¦

The true beauty here was between the funny inappropriate records, the 'sponsors' KY jelly and a house clearance company.

Sample quote: 'If you remember the sixties...it's time to order your funeral service today. Introduce a friend and get their funeral arranged for free.'

Ivan (Tom) has sewn a story line into this year's performance featuring Justin Moorehouse. Will Ivan save his hospital radio show? Who knows? You will, if you go see it. Watch out for 'wacky wind ups', a mellow family-orientated act perfect for an afternoon showcase bonanza.

Tom Binns is a force to be reckoned with, writing, performing or featuring as an actual D.J. for many radio stations. A class act.

3.5/5 or 7.5/10

Swaggering down the road, I'm off to see a gentleman who is quite new to the scene...

Dan Nightingale: Geronimo

It was a neat little show but there were some cracks. Dan started in a more caring way to connect, then went straight in with a concoction of tales of dogging, as well as squirrel stories, much to the crowd's surprise. He then went on with a round of recalling his top 5 animals in his only impression of a humorous Brian Blessed. Calling people in the crowd 'middle class' annoyed the hell out of me so maybe I am a little sour.

All seems to be back on track until we were told even more tales about Dan's life instead of any real story thread to keep the audience interested. This was identified when expressing the joys of relationships and the odd observations about how
he sleeps in his bed - frankly, it bored me. It needed stronger
material such as the drugs binge when dancing to 'Felix da Cat' or having to re-evaluate his life in his 20s (Calipo in hand). If he had only stuck to material of fashionable perfume adverts there would be no issues here. If Dan has taught me one thing, it is never touch a woman's Clinique products. Influenced by Kitson, he is a bundle of honesty. It could have been worse so there is hope to the Nightingale work in progress.

2.5/5 or 5/10

Danced and pranced over to see the best of the day, the sensational Danielle Ward.

Danielle Ward: In Glorious Technicolor

Casual yet firmly confident, Danielle's approach was caring and easily interacted with the crowd. Everyone was at ease as she told tales of being the second most famous person from her school. Ms Ward's writing capabilities shone when explaining her satire writing formula. She certainly is a satire princess as she has written for the likes of Have I Got News for You. Her credentials are ultra impressive and is of the same ilk as close friends Josie Long and Issy Suttie.

Her set consisted of the dark and woeful - including the ridicule of Take a break/Heat magazine culture where she showed intelligence and social observation, or identifying the times when we all get down and manage to pull through instead of our emotions getting the better of us.

Danielle is a class act. My top tip and one to watch, especially with new projects on the agenda with one Robin Ince. (www.paramountcomedy.com/features/article.aspx?id=107 )

3.5/5 or 7.5/10