The Gaa Gaas - Volataire

Dominic Valvona 23/11/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

French satirist and author of such acclaimed works as Candide, Voltaire's most frequently quoted wisdom is, "All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds" - in a nutshell, play the hand that's dealt!

This resigned and fatalistic prose merchant lends his name to the Gothic bravado of the Brighton-based three-piece, The Gaa Gaas new single.

Looming like ghosts from the darkest corners of some subterranean crypt, our pained trio unleash sulky bursts of post-punk and macabre 60s garage in the manner of The Horrors.

The ghoulish band of lurking miscreants, let loose growling bass guitar, creeping distorted lead and Mogadon induced rockabilly drums; whipping-up a primordial wining version of Pil and Bauhaus.

There's a remix by Kitsune labels Punx Soundcheck, who lift the vocals from the original and immerse them in a bubbling froth of speed-shifting quacking beats and cyclonic marauding synths, to produce a classy sophisticated dance floor filler.

A solid, beguiling spiky and menacing shoegazing number, Voltaire benefits from the production of Robert Harder; whose work on BabyShambles and White Rose Movement helps to give the sound some much needed boosts and holla wailing vocals. I expect great things from these fuzzed-up freaks.
The Gaa Gaa's - Voltaire (original) by ThePlayground