Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome

Miss Fliss 27/04/2009

Rating: 0.5/5

Imagine a cross between The Mae Shi and The Bee Gees. If that scares you, I've picked the right description. Distilled, that equals: thumping teen rock drums, discord, chaos, synth bleeps, brash young upstarts with shouty post-hardcore vocal tendencies one minute, then all-over-the-shop operatic and funky soul singing the next. And lyrics about 'airbrush!' faces.

Second song DNA Dump would save things with its wonky jabs at lovely jangle indie chords and tempting bass throb, but it goes and ruins itself by throwing a tantrum as if at a sixth birthday party where all the jelly has suddenly run out. The stop-start punctuation clunk of things hardly helps - abrasive as it is. Vocals can make or break a song so often, and in Everything Everything's case the singer sounds like he needs to stop kicking his mic stand over and stop flailing his arms in a fit, wipe off all that sweat, and hold a simple tune (please).

Photoshop Handsome is out now on Another Music = Another Kitchen records now.

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