Amos Lee - Colours

Anthony Baldacci 11/06/2005

Rating: 1/5

As soon as you've finished listening to this song, the thought that immediately strikes you is “wow. Now that's two minutes and forty seconds that I'd like back.” In short, this song is rubbish. It's the sort of insipid, bland nonsense you might buy as a present for your mum from the supermarket as a back-up for your proper present. It's the same old dreary, homogenous claptrap that seems to get pushed more and more these days, forcing people to curse record companies/A&R men and the like. Alright, superficially is quite tuneful and melodic, but ultimately, this is the sort of fluffy pap that anti-folk was reacting against. And quite rightly so.
It's totally devoid of any hooks or memorable lyrics, the sort of thing that you'd hum if someone asked you what it sounded like. It is a pallid landscape comprising of soft, fluffy sand and nothing else.
Sorry Mr. Lee, go and be a model or something, because not even the ridiculously over-hyped Norah Jones can save you here.