Billy Talent - Rusted From The Rain

Craig Broad 21/06/2009

Rating: 1/5

With the release of their self titled album and its follow up, Billy Talent II, Billy Talent found themselves thrown into a success story, with both albums hugely successful in Canada and varying levels of success in alternative charts following in Europe. Rusted From The Rain is the first legitimate single from their forthcoming album Billy Talent III (Turn Your Back was released as a single in September 2008 but only in demo form) and looks to continue where Billy Talent left off in 2007.

The first thing to note about Billy Talent is how original they sound in todays market, how somehow despite all of their success they have maintained a sense of originality, ultimately they are a rock band but vocally at least, they cannot be compared. That is where my superlatives end though i'm afraid. While there could at least be appreciation for the upbeat punk attitude shown on both previous albums, it has somehow been lost within Rusted From The Rain and unlike the Billy Talent we know best, there seems to be a lack of edge on this single. This could be due to the flawless Brendan O'Brien production which is at a ridiculously high polished standard and does Rusted From The Rain no raw justice at all. This could also be down to the label picking the most radio friendly song from the album, afterall, this is a difficult time for major labels and even a band like Billy Talent are guarenteed to at least shift some units in Canada given the right single.

Only time will tell if this is a lifeless single in a glorious album or just one small part of a completely dull album but with Rusted From The Rain at least, it is disheartening to see a band who used to thrive from energy, pull back into the music industry race as limply as this.