We Start Fires - Hip Shake/Hot Metal

Bill Cummings 27/02/2006

Rating: 4/5

North East Girl fronted indie punk popsters, We Start Fires are a stupendous prospect, steadily growing in stature from their more twee beginnings of their debut album “Caught Red Handed” through to last years pouting art punk disco hit “Strut.” Imagine the keyboard insipired indie pop chops of Kenickie mixed with the boisterous punk of prime time Elastica and your somewhere near the sound that bursts forth from We Start Fires. They now release a storming new double A-side “Hot Metal /Hip Shake” on hip London Label “Marquis cha cha.” “Hip Shake” is a step up again, more brash, with added melodic muscle, insatiable whirling dervish of throbbing bass, filthy guitars and a stirling kick ass, shouty melody full of oohs and ahhs (“You try to hit hit on me/But I won't fall for your stories! ” While Flipside Hot Metal is a sultry, sexy, bass, melodies and keys driven monster, which propels itself into orbit on the back of Becki and co's piercing vocals and the insistently prodding melodic lines. We Start Fires are steadily growing in stature. They were already fiercely individual, now they are so tuneful that in the coming years they will be impossible to ignore.