Foals - Red Sox Pugie

Paul Cook 21/05/2008

Rating: 4/5

Oxford's finest electro-poppers Foals have chosen the third single from the formidable debut album Antidotes. Red Sox Pugie is a gloomy, atmospheric combination of complexly baffling lyrics and masterfully layered drums, vocals and guitars.

Foals have a habit of writing indescribably strange lyrics and Red Sox Pugie is the epitome of it. Nevertheless the soaring drum rolls and delicately layered guitar/keyboard combinations never grow old and like much of Foals' fantastic album feels fresh and energetic. Red Sox Pugie seems an odd choice however, given that stunning gems Two Steps Twice (a recently championed hottest record in the world by Zane Lowe) and Olympic Airways remain on the album. No doubt Red Sox Pugie will have a marmite effect on newcomers to the Oxford five-piece with its infectious instrumentals but perplexing lyrics.

Red Sox Pugie is released on May 26th on Transgressive Records.