Psapp - I Want That

Neil Watts 22/03/2009

Rating: 3/5

On the evidence of this, Psapp don't sound much like they did when this writer first became aware of them. That was back in 2006, in the form of Tricycle which sounded like the result of everything, including the kitchen sink, being used in the recording process. It had a very organic homemade aesthetic to it.

In the last five years all Psapp have been all over American television from providing the theme song for Grey's Anatomy, and also having tracks cropping up on The OC and Nip/Tuck. With this in mind, it becomes clearer that I Want That is the sound of two musicians coming to terms with the fact that their music has propelled them into an alien world. They haven't necessarily abandoned their old ways in the process, but there is a greater sense of pomp to it. Jaunty guitars and squealing brass outbursts jostle for your attention around Galia Durant's breathy and summery vocals. It is bright and fresh, but retains a healthy amount of eccentricity that is central to how Psapp work.

Release date: 30/03/09