Ruth Theodore - Worm Food

Charlie Southwell 04/10/2007

Rating: 3/5

What could be yet another addition to the currently growing female singer songwriter trend of late; this single on River Rat records is apparently a more 'ethical' release. Ruth Theodore sings about consumerism, conflict and loss whilst her message is reinforced with the 100% recycled cardboard sleeves on the CDs.

'Worm Food' is the twenty-four year old's debut single and is also the name of her upcoming album; humbled in her own chorus 'this song is easier said than sung'. She makes a rather inspiring attempt at singing the song that she seems to think is so hard to sing. The intricate finger picked guitar line takes you down a river serenely on a raft, following her journey past moneyless branched trees. The single is a reflective quick glance at the world and its consumerism, and the complete ridiculousness of society's priorities; after all we are only "worm food, chasing that dream".

'Overexpanding' is the haunting flip side of the single and lyrically overshadows the former song's jaunty floating vocals. A courageous attack on the capitalist fat cats and expanding brands, Ruth's ability to paint vivid pictures in your imagination is unparalleled in contemporary mainstream music. Yet the lyrics, although thought provoking and scathing, are not for me the stand out piece of this release. Her guitar style is reminiscent of an easy stroll along Dutch canals, taking in the laid back café styled atmosphere. Almost fiddle-esque, her finger picking and palm muted rhythms. I imagine her standing there playing, you sipping on a coffee during a life changing momentous moment, during the realization of the stupidity of our possession fuelled insanity. On that potential world shifting bombshell, watch out for Ruth's debut 13 track album in November. She may be busking near you soon; it's time for a revolution.